Confident Children – Avoid Overparenting

Over parenting seems to be the result of professionals who really have good intentions. Preventing kids from experiencing some things in life that are not really harmful is what happens. You can go too far in either direction, and that is what can be difficult to maintain some kind of balance in the parenting process. What proves to be the hard for any parent is that you have to be self-observant about over parenting.

Over parenting can occur in many ways, and in regard to school, and extracurricular activities, this is certainly a place where parents often step way out of line. If your children play sports, or if you are simply having them learn how to paint, you can overstep your boundaries very easily. Parents often make this into a competition instead of something to learn. Brawls, fights and shouting matches are very common at children’s sporting events, simply because the parents are too competitive for their own good. Such incidents are embarrassing for everyone, especially the children. In a way, the parents are trying to live their lives vicariously through their children, instead of actually letting their kids live their own life. This is why you need to be careful and not become a fanatic. You need to allow your children to do extracurricular activities, but for their own sake, not yours.

All kids have their natural interests, and they may not be something you think is what they should be doing. Maybe your kid is doing some sport that he or she is only doing because you pressured them into. If you are not sure at all, have a heart to heart talk with your kid and get to the bottom of it. So just think how you may feel if you’re a huge football fan, and maybe your son has a sincere desire to be a golf professional.

And you have to take a hard look at yourself, and maybe you have issues with seeing your kids struggle, etc.

Your kids need to fall down, make mistakes, get their knees scraped and all that good life stuff. There’s nothing inappropriate that I’m suggesting, it’s just that there is value in letting your kid do things that kids typically do. When it comes to school, help your child if it’s needed but that’s it – hands off.

There are many discussions you can find about over parenting and they’re worth checking out. It’s about keeping your kids safe because you love them, but there are also elements of control involved. If you need some additional guidance, then talk to your doctor and get some advice.