Dealing With Teenage Obesity

In the US, Obesity is one of the biggest issues being faced by teenagers and their parents. With the changes in lifestyle and habits today, cases of obesity are becoming more alarming than ever, as it is now a widespread issue among families in the US.

In the past years, the cases of teenage obesity continue to spike up and this leads to unwanted consequences. That is the reason why it is important for teenagers to be aware of the condition, as well as parents, in order to help their child prevent this issue.

Facts That You Need To Know About Teenage Obesity

Obesity is the condition where an individual become overweight. In this condition, excessive amount of fats accumulate in unhealthy levels, thus resulting to reduced quality of life. Because of the condition, the affected individual may experience several health problems that may lead to lowered life expectancy as well. Obesity risks aging individuals due to reduced metabolism rate. However, seeing the condition in teenagers can be extremely alarming as well and this should be given proper attention immediately.

Teenagers should be active and engaged in various physical activities in order to lead a healthy life. However, if a teenager is affected with obesity, this can greatly affect the quality of life. If you have a teenager, you can check the body weight of your child and compare it with his or her ideal weight, through the BMI or also known as Body Mass Index.
The BMI is the measurement of an individual’s weight with respect to height. An individual with a BMI of at least 25 kg/m2 to 30 kg/m2 is already considered overweight, and these figures already indicate a case of obesity.

According to the US Department of Health, approximately 15% of all teenagers in the Unites States are overweight and are on the border of obesity. This amounts to about 10 million individuals and this number continues to grow in the past years, thus making it the most alarming statistics.

Centeres for Disease Control and Prevention has some very interesting childhood obesity facts you might want to check out.

Cause And Effects Of Teenage Obesity

The primary causes of the condition are the foods being consumed on a daily basis. Teenagers indulge in junk foods without reminding themselves that such food products contain high amount of cholesterol, oil, and unhealthy fats that could harm the body system. Another common cause is the expansion of fast food chains. Lack of exercise is also considered as a culprit for teenage obesity. With the advancement of computers, particularly video games, higher number of teenagers choose to stay at home and sit in front of the computer, than engage in physical activities.

Studies show that mothers that tend to eat unhealthy will pass this behaviour to their children

Studies show that mothers that tend to eat unhealthy will pass this behaviour to their children

Teenagers and parents should be well aware of the possible effects of obesity, which includes the following:

    Increases risk of developing various heart diseases
    Elevated cholesterol levels
    Increased level of blood pressure
    Increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
    Social discrimination that could result to lowered self esteem

Preventing Teen Obesity

There are several ways to prevent the condition and one of the best is to perform physical activities like exercise. Remember, the prevention starts when sedentary lifestyle is not practiced.