Simple Strategies For Preventing Over Parenting Your Children

The idea of over parenting sounds counter intuitive only because it involves children. But just as you can be a workaholic and spend too much time working, so you can be a parent who is overly focused on your kids. You may be unwittingly setting the stage for certain kinds of coping challenges later in life for them. It is a healthy thing for any child to experience challenges and be able to make decisions.

Parents who have a tendency towards over parenting often force their kids to participate in a huge number of extracurricular activities. If your children play sports, or if you are simply having them learn how to paint, you can overstep your boundaries very easily. If parents are competitive by nature, this can turn into a giant fiasco. Sometimes you will go to a baseball game and you will see parents fighting with each other, or even the officials at the game. Whenever a parent does this, it can adversely affect their children in more ways than they can imagine. In a way, the parents are trying to live their lives vicariously through their children, instead of actually letting their kids live their own life. Children can benefit from extracurricular activities, but make sure you don’t become a fanatic about these activities for your own reasons. You should also know that over parenting is not recommended for the health of your children, nor your own. Kids that are younger tend to be the center of attention, the focus of their parents lives for many years. Kids often have a strange effect on some parents, causing them to put their life on pause, just to raise them. Sometimes parents will identify themselves with their kids, so much so that they will feel valueless without their children in their lives. The best parents set an example for their kids as well as helping them and giving them advice. Having your own life is still very necessary. You need to pursue what you love the most while raising your kids. This is fantastic for your children, and that they can see how you handle the difficulties and challenges of life every day.

Avoid imposing your limitations and personal issues on your kids, and that’s something that very many parents do.

The thing that over parenting adults do is try and prevent any mistakes made by their kids or anything remotely negative. If you tend to rescue your kids whenever you see them struggling with anything, you aren’t helping them in the long run. Have you ever done things for your child that he or she had assigned to them? If so, then you are over parenting.

There’s just so many negative side effects when there are over parenting issues at play. There’s a fine line between giving your child the guidance and protection he or she needs and overdoing it. You don’t want to under or over parent your child, and it’s difficult to find the perfect balance. Just be sure that you give your child the best chance possible to grow up healthy and with good social skills.