Over Parenting – What It Is And Why You Should Avoid It

If you keep up with the latest information on parenting, you may feel that you can’t win. It seems the experts are always criticizing parents, and who knows what to think about that. Now experts are talking more about the dangers of over parenting and helicopter parents, and the fact is, both sides are right as the ideal is somewhere in the middle. What we’ll do in this article is discuss the question of over-parenting.

When you look at the things we pay attention to, you’ll see that it’s all negative. While it’s true there are many dangers in the world, this doesn’t mean you can never let your child out of your sight. But, your child will get to an age where he or she can learn how to avoid certain situations. You can work out something so you do not have to be so over protective about your children. Older people today are often shocked at how much supervision today’s kids are under all the time. If you have a yard, then let your kid play in it without security towers in the corners. Placing too much oversight and all that in the life of your kid has to have some kind of negative repercussion. Regardless of what you do with this, think of ways you can compensate for being so afraid.

If you find it very difficult to watch your kids try and make mistakes, then it’s you who is the problem.

Mistakes are some of the best things to happen to children and many adults, but you have to teach them to learn from them. This is very much also a growing process for you because you’re the one who is supposed to be in control. When it comes to school, help your child if it’s needed but that’s it – hands off.

No matter what you do, if you’re over parenting you are only protecting them from one kind of risk factor. How far you go is now up to you, and hopefully you see the need to be less restrictive. You don’t want to under or over parent your child, and it’s difficult to find the perfect balance. Getting to that most ideal point will take time and practice, and you may have to revamp how you approach these things.