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If kids experience over parenting, their parents are typically overprotective. They do not allow them to learn things on their own, or give them room to do so. Over parenting can also be seen when kids are forced to excel at school or sports, something that over obsessive parents are guilty of doing all the time. This isn’t to say that parents shouldn’t do everything they can to encourage their kids, but in this article we’ll be looking at the problems that can result from over parenting.

For a while, it was fashionable to say that kids should be praised no matter what. It was supposed to be good for their self esteem to tell them how great they are, whether they win or lose or whether they get an A or an F on a test. But there are implications with that approach and it basically conveys a lack of responsibility. Bear in mind that you are preparing your child to go out into the world, or at least you should be doing that.

Actually, letting your kids get away with anything is preparing them to fail in the world.

By teaching your kids early in life, you will be there for them and gently guide them along. That’s why you are there, and it’s to give them the support they need as they age and learn. One example is the family farm, and yes it’s a little hard on kids but you give them what they can do.

One thing that’s known about children is if they are not outside with activity, they are likely to have problems such as being overweight, etc. While there are more than one factor that causes this, if a parent doesn’t allow their child outside then this contributes. You know that activity and play time outside is important for lots of reasons including socialization skills. If you work and get home late, then perhaps your child can play with other kids and be watched by other parents.

As you can see now, over parenting carries all kinds of effects. And you can clearly understand how easy it can be to fall into a rut with doing this. It is a challenge that all parents face, even though not all are over parenting. Just be sure that you give your child the best chance possible to grow up healthy and with good social skills.