Married But Lonely Couples Will Find It Difficult To Raise A Child

Having a complete family is not someone’s assurance of having a happy family. In fact, many families in the US suffer from so many cases of domestic violence and other family related issues, even if there is a mother and a father in the because they are married and unhappy. The probable reason behind being married but lonely is that the parents, although married, are lonely or not happy in their relationship.

Couples living in a lonely marriage can create a lot of negative impact in the family. One of which is not being able to raise a child appropriately.

To start off, couples who are lonely in marriage will have challenges bearing a child. This is because unhappy couples will have less intimacy, which will hinder their chances of conceiving. Moreover, children who are born out of unwanted pregnancy can also cause issues in the future. This is because one or both parents are not ready to have him/her yet, and was not even thinking of having him/her and make a family.

The lack of intimacy and love between the husband and wife will surely have an impact not only when it comes to the child’s development, but also when it comes to the child’s emotional health. These children born and raised by parents who are married but lonely or lacks love and affection to one another are also likely to receive the same level of love and affection from both the mother and the father.

As a result, the child will feel abandoned, despite having a home with a mother and a father. He will feel deprived because as he grows older, he or she will realize what is lacking in his/her home. The child will start looking for what is missing in his/her life, and what is worse is that he/she might find it from the wrong person at the wrong time and end up suffering from loneliness in marriage as well, like what he or she experienced from his or her own parents.

Premarital sex and teenage pregnancy is one of the said causes of living with unhappy married parents. This is because the child long for love and affection from others at a very young age.

A lonely marriage can also trigger the couples to engage in alcohol and drug abuse. This is because people find relief from alcohol and drugs, which somehow makes them forget about their problems at home. However, the effect of alcohol and drugs on children can be very serious. Children exposed to drugs and alcohol may trigger them to be alcoholics and drug addicts in the future. This is because they see it from their parents, which made it a “normal” thing in their eyes.

Loneliness in Marriage

Another cause of being married but lonely is domestic violence. Lonely and married couples are likely to fight and argue to the point of hitting and hurting one another. Exposing your child to this kind of behavior will traumatize them, and will like affect their attitude as they grow older. Not to mention, domestic violence does not only happen between couples. Even children can get involved in this, which will surely bring more damages to your child.

Dealing With Alcohol Abuse In Teenagers

It is very alarming to know that many of our young die because of alcohol. Teenage alcohol abuse is very common, and unfortunately, this addiction can easily continue until they become adults, which will surely ruin their social and professional life.

According to the most recent teenage alcohol abuse statistics, there are several reasons why teenagers or the young becomes addicted to the substance, and suffer severely as they get older.

Read this article to learn more about Teenage alcohol abuse, why they become alcoholics, and how to manage your teenage child showing symptoms of being an alcoholic, before everything becomes too late.

According to some teenage alcohol abuse facts, teenagers find alcohol drinking as a way of enjoying themselves with friends. This is very true, especially the ones who are in high school and college. In fact, you will often see teenagers hanging around with each other in their dormitories, clubs, and during night outs drinking beer or other alcoholic drinks. Some also say that Teenage alcohol abuse happen because of peer pressure. This is when you will only be considered “cool”, if you join the group to drink beer and have fun.

Like what I said earlier, there are so many different reasons why teenage alcohol abuse happen, and that is what we are going to talk about further.
Teenagers, in general, are often adventurous and eager to try out a lot of things in life. This is the time when they are fearless to explore things without thinking, and that includes drinking alcohol with friends during parties. Teenage alcohol abuse happen if your child is exposed to friends who drinks alcohol, and as much as you would like to watch over your child on this, it is absolutely impossible to monitor your child all the time, just to see to it that he or she mingles with the right group of friends only.

Another reason why teenage alcohol abuse is rampant is due to the influence of their parents. Obviously, if your child is exposed to seeing you drink alcohol often, he or she will not see any reason why drinking alcohol is something that should be stopped. Parents who are alcoholics are often the ones with children who suffer from Teenage alcohol abuse. This is a serious problem, especially when most crimes and violence that happen each day are associated with people who are alcoholics.

Problems at home are also a clear reason why teenage alcohol abuse cases increase day by day. Teenagers find drinking alcohol as their way to escape problems, or perhaps to blind themselves from the problems they see at home.

Teen alcohol abuse

Teen alcohol abuse is rampant all over the world

To stop teenage alcohol abuse, parents should examine themselves and see to it that they set a good example to their children. Talking to your children is also a good way to know if they are experiencing difficulties in life. Keep in mind that a happy child is not likely to experience Teenage alcohol abuse because he won’t need a lot of attention from others.

Teaching Your Teens The Importance Of Financial Planning

Doing your financial planning early is your ticket to financial freedom in the future. Parents can help in enlightening their children about this.

Typically, teenagers ages 16 to 19 (or maybe younger) can already work part time, and if their money is used wisely, this can give them the benefit of owning a cool gadget, spend money on fancy restaurants during their dates, or even save some for their college. But aside from spending, you can also use it to start managing your financial life, to prevent towering debts and being broke when you get older.

Financial planning does not mean limiting yourself from enjoying the things many people enjoy. It means setting a goal, which boils down to preparing money in the future, so you have some money to pull out of your pocket during the rainy days.

Teenagers may not have enough money to save, especially now, when every move we make would mean ‘expense’. But teaching teenagers the value of saving some, will greatly help them to prepare their lives in the future, and prevent a lot of financial difficulties and debt which can start really soon, without proper planning.

Saving Money

How to Save Money for Teens?

The benefits of doing your financial planning in your teens brings you the following:

It Will Help You Stay Focused On Your Future

Once you learn the value of saving some money (no matter how small or big it is) will keep you focused on your goal to reaching something ‘better’ in the future. You will be less careless with your spending, and your mind will be open to all of the small deeds of saving like using coupons for food and groceries, and watching out for discounted or sale items, instead of splurging on regular priced items right then and now. You will be able to develop the sense of thinking forward and what you want to be in the future, which is good to learn at a very early age, because this will be your ticket to a better life ahead.

Develop Long Term Goals

It is always nice to develop long-term goals, because no matter what life brings you, you will always have a steady view of what you really want to achieve in the future. Short-term goals can change easily, especially when a sudden change happens in your life. For instance, your earnings during your teens might not be as big as when you finished college, and with larger earnings, your lifestyle may change, which will greatly affect your goals in the future.

It Will Keep You Motivated All The Time

Working on a financial plan and sticking with it will keep you motivated. You are motivated because you have set goal that you want to achieve deeply, so you will be eager to work more and earn more, so you can save more.

Financial planning and goal setting works hand in hand. It is ideal to do it at a very early age, because the practice of saving money and being wise on your spending will be carried on as you grow older.

When Your Teens Start Dating

One of the greatest fears of parents would be their child meeting the wrong person at an early age, which can affect his or her entire future. An example to this would be teenage pregnancy. Actually, teenage pregnancy happens when a child was not guided well and at the same time, overly protected by parents. To avoid such issues, parents should be with their teens during the stage when they are starting to find the interest of being with the opposite sex.

Here are some tips that parents can do, in order to guide their teens during the dating stage:

- Parents should understand that “dating” during this modern time, is very different from the type of dating that they know. To understand your teen better, it is best to get involved with the things that your teen enjoys watching and what she reads. That way, you will know more about teenage dating and how it is done during this modern time.

- Find time to talk to your teenager about dating. You have to find the perfect timing for this, because your goal is to make your teen feel comfortable about the topic, in a way where he or she will feel that you just want to share your own experiences and learn him or her learn from it, without making your teenager feel that you are prohibiting or overly protecting him or her from the possibility of dating. Actually, all you have to do is to tell your teenager that dating is not a bad thing. In fact, you are encouraging him or her to explore the opposite sex more, but try not to focus on just one person, so that he or she will be able to see a mix of different personalities. That way, your teenager will be able to decide better which type of personality will suit his or hers best. You might also want to tell your teenager that dating is the best way in order to explore the opposite sex and have fun. Be with friends and enjoy the years of being young. Dating should not always focus on romance, because there is always going to be the best time for that. Dating during the teenage years can be used in order to see who your potential partner can be in the future.

- Parents should also learn to know what their limits are. Otherwise, the teenager will feel pressured and overly protected, which is not a good thing, because this is one of the reasons why teenagers become rebellious towards their parents.

- It is also important to talk to your teenager about possible rejection. Let your child understand the rejection is normal, as you have to respect the other person’s likes and wants when it comes to the opposite sex.

Teen Dating

Teen dating and how you should cope with it

These are the different things that you have to tackle when you are dealing with teenage dating. It is important to guide your children well during this time, in order to prepare him or her for every possible thing that he or she may encounter.

Moms should also check out WebMD for a detailed guide to cope with their teens dating.

Is Your Teenager Giving You Bad Grades? Read This!

Have you been getting really unsatisfactory grades from your teenager’s report card recently? Is it starting to alarm you because grades were never an issue with your kids before? If so, then you must read this article from top to bottom in order to learn the things that you need to do and understand when your teenager is starting get low grades in school.

Okay, the first thing that you have to understand is that teenagers may view school very differently from how the parents would view school. For parents, school is something that will educate their children, give them a diploma, which children can use to land into a job that will give them a better future. Teenagers do not see this the same way. Instead, they see school as a venue where they can socialize or mingle with friends. However, they can’t do it fully, and enjoy it more, because classes interrupts it.

Anyway, the difference in views is just one of the many things that may cause poor grades. To find a good solution to the problem, you can check out the list below:

Talk With His/Her Teacher

Talking with your son or daughter’s teacher where he or she is getting poor grades is going to help you understand what your child is going through. Your teacher can give you helpful advices to help your son or daughter enjoy the subject more. The teacher can also recommend tools that will promote study habits at home.

Check The Pattern In The Report Card

Don’t just look at the grades in the report card. It might also help checking the other notes in the report card including the attendance and conduct. Attendance plays a major role in determining the final grade of your child. Obviously, if your child has poor attendance, he or she will learn less in her classes, thus resulting to very poor grades. So if the issue is about attendance, then you might want to ask your teenager if something is bothering him/her or hindering him/her from going to school.

According to reports, bullying is one of the causes why children skips school. If this is the issue, then talking this over with your child’s school adviser will help.

Dealing With People Who Does Not Like You

Bad Grades

Bad grades…and how to deal with them

When your child says that the reason why he/she is having very poor grades in a certain subject is because he/she does not like his/her classmates or maybe because the teacher does not like him/her, then this is a good opportunity for you to teach your child one of the realities of life. Teach your child that it is very impossible to please everyone. The bad thing is, despite that, you have to deal with everyone in your life, regardless if they like you or not, and vice versa. Let your child understand that this happens to everyone, and dealing with it is the only way to make life easier. Let him/her know that dealing with unwanted people at school is going to serve as a practice, to prepare him in the outside world, where there are more people of this kind.

Should Parents Use Spying Devices To Check On Their Teenagers?

Many families nowadays have parents who are both working. Gone are the days when women will be left at home, caring for their children, while fathers will be working to bring money and food to the table. While having both parents working is going to ensure more money for the family to spend, this can also be a huge risk, especially when you have teenagers to rise.

Many of us know that raising a teenager is very different from raising a toddler. This is because teenagers are not like toddlers who will still be very dependent on you, will follow you because he/she believes in you, and will let you know everything that is happening on them, so you can check on the ways that is needed to be done, in order to keep them safe and worry free.

Teenagers are known to be very secretive about their lives. This happens and its natural. This is because they want to explore things on their own, seeing what is there to find out, without his or her parents meddling. Of course, many teenagers are not aware of the risks. So parents should do something about this, without making themselves too nosy.

Fortunately, there are tools that parents can use these days in order to check on what their teenager are up to, without them directly asking. This is a tool that can spy on what their children are doing. It is a tool that can be installed in mobile phones, computers, or any gadget that is often used by the young today.

This type of spying tool, when installed in some of the gadgets and computers will alert you of everything that your child is doing, whether it is a text message sent to his or her friends, a website that he or she is browsing online, or even his or her whereabouts. Such tool is going to be very beneficial for parents who are working long hours, and do not have all of the time to check on their children. Alerts or notifications can be accessed online through a secured account that parents can log in to wherever they are, may it be in their office, in their smart phone on their way home, and so on.

For another opinion on this matter, check out the article at Empowering Parents.

Parents Spying on Kids

Should you spy on your kids?

Parents who have a busy lifestyle should not question the use of a spying tool, especially if it’s the welfare of your child you are after for. You are not being nosy nor invading their privacy when using a spying tool. You are just making sure of your child’s safety and security.

By the way, parents should not worry about spying tools such as this that I have mentioned in my post. After it has been installed, your teenager will never notice a single change in their gadgets or computers that will make them think that someone is spying on them. He or she will never suspect you doing that, because if that happens, this will lead to a total disaster for sure.

Dealing With Teenage Obesity

In the US, Obesity is one of the biggest issues being faced by teenagers and their parents. With the changes in lifestyle and habits today, cases of obesity are becoming more alarming than ever, as it is now a widespread issue among families in the US.

In the past years, the cases of teenage obesity continue to spike up and this leads to unwanted consequences. That is the reason why it is important for teenagers to be aware of the condition, as well as parents, in order to help their child prevent this issue.

Facts That You Need To Know About Teenage Obesity

Obesity is the condition where an individual become overweight. In this condition, excessive amount of fats accumulate in unhealthy levels, thus resulting to reduced quality of life. Because of the condition, the affected individual may experience several health problems that may lead to lowered life expectancy as well. Obesity risks aging individuals due to reduced metabolism rate. However, seeing the condition in teenagers can be extremely alarming as well and this should be given proper attention immediately.

Teenagers should be active and engaged in various physical activities in order to lead a healthy life. However, if a teenager is affected with obesity, this can greatly affect the quality of life. If you have a teenager, you can check the body weight of your child and compare it with his or her ideal weight, through the BMI or also known as Body Mass Index.
The BMI is the measurement of an individual’s weight with respect to height. An individual with a BMI of at least 25 kg/m2 to 30 kg/m2 is already considered overweight, and these figures already indicate a case of obesity.

According to the US Department of Health, approximately 15% of all teenagers in the Unites States are overweight and are on the border of obesity. This amounts to about 10 million individuals and this number continues to grow in the past years, thus making it the most alarming statistics.

Centeres for Disease Control and Prevention has some very interesting childhood obesity facts you might want to check out.

Cause And Effects Of Teenage Obesity

The primary causes of the condition are the foods being consumed on a daily basis. Teenagers indulge in junk foods without reminding themselves that such food products contain high amount of cholesterol, oil, and unhealthy fats that could harm the body system. Another common cause is the expansion of fast food chains. Lack of exercise is also considered as a culprit for teenage obesity. With the advancement of computers, particularly video games, higher number of teenagers choose to stay at home and sit in front of the computer, than engage in physical activities.

Teenagers and parents should be well aware of the possible effects of obesity, which includes the following:

    Increases risk of developing various heart diseases
    Elevated cholesterol levels
    Increased level of blood pressure
    Increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes
    Social discrimination that could result to lowered self esteem

Preventing Teen Obesity

Studies show that mothers that tend to eat unhealthy will pass this behaviour to their children

Studies show that mothers that tend to eat unhealthy will pass this behaviour to their children

There are several ways to prevent the condition and one of the best is to perform physical activities like exercise. Remember, the prevention starts when sedentary lifestyle is not practiced.

Parenting Tips: Dealing With Teenagers

If your son is starting to be quieter lately, and would only answer you with a simple “yes” or “no”, or when your daughter would rather go with friends than with you in the mall, then this is a clear sign that they are starting to enter the teenage years already.

Married and Happy

Before you know it your baby will become a teenager!

This new phase in their lives can be both exciting and challenging for both the parents and the child. There are so many changes happening at this point, so you really have to be prepared for it, so that you teenager will be able to go through this teenage life easy and smoothly.

The first thing parents should understand when they start seeing changes in terms of the attitude and the way of thinking of their children is that this is normal. Everybody goes through this stage in life, and dealing with it the proper way is important in order to make sure that your child will not see your reactions negatively, which will result to something negative as well.

It is true that raising a teenager can be one of the most difficult responsibilities of parents. But with some guide to follow, you will surely find raising a teenager a challenge that can be handled easily. Check out the tips below on what parents should do, when raising a teenager.

Let Them Find Their Own selves

At this point, learn how to trust your children. They are not toddlers or babies any more. They are young adults who have the capability to find themselves using their own ways. Showing them that you are trusting them to be independent will somehow give them the self-confidence that they need to establish themselves.

Also, studies shows that children who are trusted by their parents are likely the children who won’t go astray, because they will value the trust that is given to them by the people who they look up to.

Discuss The Rules With Your Teenagers

Despite allowing them to exercise their independence, you should still make a firm stand that you, as his/her parents is still making the rules in the house. Make the rules clear to your teenager, and make sure that he/she is expected to abide by the rules, especially now, that he/she is an adult already; a person who can comprehend things better, and a person who knows what is right from wrong.

Talk About The Risks

Teenagers are adventurous. They will not fear trying out everything that they see around them, especially when they see these things happening or occurring within their peers. I am talking about drugs, sex, and violence. Discuss the risks that your children may face, if they decide to engage with any activity that will involve drugs, sex, and violence.

A nice way to discuss this is to tell stories of people. You can also cite examples like young mothers who struggle in life financially because they engaged in premarital sex when they were still young. Or perhaps a boy in the neighborhood who is now spending his time in rehab instead of school, because he got pressured by the wrong peers to try drugs.