Married But Lonely Couples Will Find It Difficult To Raise A Child

Having a complete family is not someone’s assurance of having a happy family. In fact, many families in the US suffer from so many cases of domestic violence and other family related issues, even if there is a mother and a father in the because they are married and unhappy. The probable reason behind being married but lonely is that the parents, although married, are lonely or not happy in their relationship.

Couples living in a lonely marriage can create a lot of negative impact in the family. One of which is not being able to raise a child appropriately.

To start off, couples who are lonely in marriage will have challenges bearing a child. This is because unhappy couples will have less intimacy, which will hinder their chances of conceiving. Moreover, children who are born out of unwanted pregnancy can also cause issues in the future. This is because one or both parents are not ready to have him/her yet, and was not even thinking of having him/her and make a family.

The lack of intimacy and love between the husband and wife will surely have an impact not only when it comes to the child’s development, but also when it comes to the child’s emotional health. These children born and raised by parents who are married but lonely or lacks love and affection to one another are also likely to receive the same level of love and affection from both the mother and the father.

As a result, the child will feel abandoned, despite having a home with a mother and a father. He will feel deprived because as he grows older, he or she will realize what is lacking in his/her home. The child will start looking for what is missing in his/her life, and what is worse is that he/she might find it from the wrong person at the wrong time and end up suffering from loneliness in marriage as well, like what he or she experienced from his or her own parents.

Premarital sex and teenage pregnancy is one of the said causes of living with unhappy married parents. This is because the child long for love and affection from others at a very young age.

A lonely marriage can also trigger the couples to engage in alcohol and drug abuse. This is because people find relief from alcohol and drugs, which somehow makes them forget about their problems at home. However, the effect of alcohol and drugs on children can be very serious. Children exposed to drugs and alcohol may trigger them to be alcoholics and drug addicts in the future. This is because they see it from their parents, which made it a “normal” thing in their eyes.

Loneliness in Marriage

Another cause of being married but lonely is domestic violence, undoubtedly you can see how this can force many married people to be married but looking. Lonely and married couples are likely to fight and argue to the point of hitting and hurting one another. Exposing your child to this kind of behavior will traumatize them, and will like affect their attitude as they grow older. Not to mention, domestic violence does not only happen between couples. Even children can get involved in this, which will surely bring more damages to your child.

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